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Hidden By Ivy was formed by Rafał Tomaszczuk (vocals, lyrics) from disbanded Agonised By Love and Andrzej ‘Andy’ Turaj (instruments, backing vocals) from God's Own Medicine. After years of experiments and searching, they met in a common way which they follow guided by intuition and musical preferences. You can hear echoes of sounds characteristic of the classical period of the 4AD or Records Project labels .Nostalgic dream-pop landscapes meet the New Wave nervousness while the original nature of neofolk combines with lyricism approximating the achievements of such artists as This Mortal Coil, No -man or David Sylvian. It seems that finally someone found the "thing" that the Polish scene has never seen or just missed for a long time.


released September 4, 2015

All songs written, performed and recorded by Hidden By Ivy:
Rafał Tomaszczuk - vocals and lyrics,
Andrzej "Andy" Turaj - instruments and backing vocals
"Forget Me Not" - lyrics by R. Tomaszczuk and A. Turaj,
"Everything Was" - lyrics by A. Turaj,
"Don't Go" - traditional phrases from Kohelet, vocals by A. Turaj.

Inga Habiba - vocals on "Everything Was”,
Małgorzata Masłowiecka - vocals and lyrics to "My Sad Eyes",
lyrics to "To Abandon" and "Nie Znam Więcej",
Sandra and Weronika - childish vocals on „Don't Go".

Mixed and mastered by Mariusz Piętka.
Graphic design by Małgorzata Masłowiecka.
Photos by Sylwia Osik-Mazurek.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Cold Summer Day

The water brings the silence
With your gaze pure and white
In spite of wailing trees over mown field
And the smoke starts to arise

But it's still hard for me
It is so hard
To belive
It might be the last time

Sultry air and cloudy eyes
I'm trying to breath
So desperately
Help me to recall
Help me never to forget

Leaves start to dance
Around and around
It's so quiet everywhere
But their colours fade
Too fast
And my heart becomes a glass
In this cold summer day
Track Name: Shame

My soul cannot dance alone
Just moves slowly through the night
And I see fear in your eyes
When it's knocking to your door

In my first attempt to hold my breath
I couldn't even last a minute
But now It’s a game that I prefer
My worship to your image
Conscience so durable
Became a curse
Became a toy

Our shadows are dancing
And we are burning
In love

You cover your eyes with the shame
Come closer
This moment is deliverance
Come with a pride on your lips
My lust wonders endlessly

In misleading light
The footprints you left behind
Lead me into the night
And then fade too fast
Track Name: Forget Me Not

In this town crazy town
The water floats beneath the ground
The streets are full of falling stars
There I saw you
The first time

Here is the river
There is a church
The bell tower is full of birds
The kids are playing their own games
My heart is pounding like a church bell

And You
Are watching me
And You
Keep your eye on me

You are that girl who as a child
Took my hand and broke my heart
We left the toys in the attic room
And our innocence under the moon

Forget me not I gave you once
Have faced the wind
Have faced the time
And the blue in your eyes
Hasn’t fade despite the time

But in this town, our crazy town
The streets are empty
When the sun goes down
The kids take home all their toys
Rain washes away the traces of chalk

It’s more like a dream
Then reality
This town
You and me
So let’s stay here for a while
In another dream and another
Track Name: To Abandon

I can still see you leaving
Your place on earth
To go for a little walk
To the riverside
To the river

It's the middle of summer
And you're so slim and light
As the tall grass catching
Your hippie dress

If you hadn’t waited for me
On the lost riverbank
With the scarf tied on a branch
How would I find you

Closing the gate behind
You haven't thought
It could be the last time
And you did not know
It would be so hard
To abandon this place
And sail the boat alone

You're too far to turn back
And to hear me calling you
From the same riverside

Your scarf is still there after the winter
Track Name: Pale Shade

Now, when all the dreams are gone
When memories behind you
Became a flat line

Come, release you fear
And feel my arms around you
For the last time
Will you say my name ?
Will you ever come ?

We’ll come back on shore
To read a brief synopsis
Of what has happened since
The night when we created
The pale shade of longing
That you can see from here

Will you cross my road ?
Will you care for me ?

Flowing through the colours
In the phantoms of our dreams
We see the summer fields
And finally reached horizon
So alone and unreal
Track Name: Everything Was

I hear the sound of rain
Outside the window pane
It's four o'clock am
You sleep so quiet and deep

So I put on my rain coat
And take a walk outside
I will not let you know
Where all my thoughts are gone

So now I'm all alone

So now I'm closed just like
The doors I left behind
Do you still sleep so deep
As I can't fall asleep
Bring silence
This is not how it should have been

It takes the rest of my life
Everything Was beautiful than
Bright new caleidoscope of you and me my dear
Everything is ugly now
Shatter lies
Shatterproof lifes which we all live

Everything Was beautiful

Where are these dreams
Dreams we have dreamt together
For who did you sell it
Has anyone bought it

Everything Was beautiful

Where are these dreams
Dreams made of sand and sorrow
Slip down through our hands
Through our hands
Down down down
Track Name: Remembrance

I often think of you
When it rains
My sidewalks are gravel
They flood when it rains
And when this rain comes
Stronger than ever
The water starts filling my house
And it will submerge
All these terrible dreams
That we call remembrance

You are gone
You are so gone
But I breath a sigh of relief
When I notice
That you
You will be waiting

What happens to us
When we sleep
Last embrace
Last look
Last promise
I wear your clothes
To think of you

Sometimes it’s easier
To love the dead
Holding the moments
Controlling the past
This road that leads me to despair
It’s a dead end
So hold me

Sparks are dancing
In this missing hands
Windows stay empty
And mirrors are blank
Track Name: Don't Go

There is a time for everything
A time to be born and a time to die
A time to plant and a time to uproot

A time to kill and a time to heal
A time to tear down and a time to build
A time to weep and a time to laugh

It's getting dark and I cannot see
In a place where you left me I dont wanna be alone

A time to search and a time to give up
A time to keep and a time to throw away
A time to tear and a time to mend

A time to be silent and a time to speak
A time to love and a time to hate
A time for war and a time for peace

It's getting dark and I cannot see
In a place where you left me I don't wanna be alone
Track Name: Nie Znam Więcej

Całe miasto boli
Nie myślałem, że ulica raz pokonana
Znajoma okaże się
Widok Twoich butów
Nie daje mi spać
Za drzwi je wyniosłem
Zaczęły w deszczu łkać

Głodny świat
Połknął nas oboje
Na brzeg łóżka wypluł tylko mnie
W brzuchu wieloryba
Leżysz nieruchoma
Przemierzając ocean we śnie

Nie znam więcej
Takich ludzi jak Ty
Nawet nie chciałbym

Mówiłaś ta nalepka
Może przeżyć mnie
Z napisem „dzielny pacjent”
Do swetra klei się
Wszystkie Twoje książki
Są jak ja w żałobie
Same dobre rzeczy
Mówią mi o Tobie

Wysłałem więc swoją duszę w noc
Pod wodę, na szczyty góry i za czas
Myślałem, że jak wróci powie mi
Ile dni ma to jeszcze trwać

Nie ma więcej
Takich ludzi jak Ty
I tak nie szukam ich
Track Name: My Sad Eyes

People say
One eye is always happy
While the other is sad
And those eyes never change
Never share their emotions

Memories come running
Like longing dogs
They nudge with their wet noses
And lay at the feet with devotion

Your eyes are bright and big
Even tired, they are always bright
And not any less big
But I'm not sure now
Which one was the happy one

And with those eyes
You see the world big and bright
The world with high sky
Golden fields to the horizon

Maybe long time ago
Before I met you
My eyes were also
Wide open to the world
And one of them was laughing
While the second, with some wisdom
Was already watching you
From afar

If anything ever brought bliss
Is gone now
In my body there's only me
The one I have always been
Regardless of events

In my heart there is a place
You will never reach
No paved roads, no trodden paths
In thorny grass, I said no

I am far away, hard to find

If anything ever made me lonely
Came from me
I'm the one who secretly
Under cover of the night
Broke all the signposts
In my heart there is a place
You will never find
No hand-drawn maps, no one to ask
Which way to go, I said no

I am far away, hard to find

I am far away
I am hard to find
Even where my hands or my head
You look in my eyes
But I'm no longer there